01Establishment of sustainable growth strategy for flagship products, Standardization of the entire process from raw materials to products, Enhancing the value of materials and products through the application of new technologies, Development of new genre of products, Product development by using healthy/functional materials, Packaging development corresponding to retailing.

02Development of potential for creation of the innovative, unique and new business.

03Development of wellbeing-oriented functional new materials and differentiated products.

04Enhancing customer confidence through product safety.

Technology Development Division

To produce the right product for Global Green Management,
this division scientifically explains health maintenance and
promotion functions inherent in foods and raw materials,
and also to apply proven efficacy to the produ
ct is developing various technologies with a separate theme
for each product.

01Development of technologies to prescribe new materials: The division develops new material and technology to scientifically prove its efficacy.

02Development of technologies to have healthy functions, korea pet food product : It scientifically finds hazardous substances when using a product and then develops technology not to add the hazardous substances found or replace them.

03Development of analysis technology: It systemizes the analytical methods of FORCANS such as product safety-related component analysis, analysis of nutritional and functional ingredients, microbiological analysis, water analysis, CCP analysis and so on.

04Development of production technology: It develops differentiated production technology for quality improvement, cost down, and creative new products.

New Product Development Division

Consisting of PET CARE Product Development Team and PET FOOD Product
Development Team, it is workinbg hard to show scientific products produced
with a variety of manufacturing method for the health and beauty of cats and dogs.